Golf is a leisure activity, an established sport, and a lifestyle. Golf has been designed and influenced by many pros throughout the ages. A 2002 report by American Sports Data discovered that there are 8.5 million self-identified golfers in the world. in the previous year were under the age of 18, and 69 % were male.

The biggest change has been the generation bubble that tried golf clubs in their youth and have grown up with the PGA Tour explosion into the world wide mainstream of competitive sports and sees it as a natural participation sport for their children led by athletes who are affiliated and instruct for our brand and web site.

Have you always wanted to learning how to be a golfer? Understand all of the basic principles of golf quickly in a one-week camp. We will show you the principles of golf like how to put, foot positioning, slices and driving, getting out of sand traps, and strategy. Irregardless, of where you are at.. you can benefit from customized instruction to meet your skill level.

Who we Serve:

  • Ages: 4 through 104
  • Ability: Beginner through Competition-Style Advanced.


    We recommend a pair of sunglasses and a full set of gear. Rental equipment and golf clubs are included.


    We have multiple locations in Stockton. The exact location depends on which day and time you choose and what level of lessons you need.

    Stockton California golf lessons

    What you will learn:

  • How to Grip Your Putters and Clubs
  • Proper Posture
  • How to Slice and Drive
  • How to Remain Steady
  • How to Position Your Feet


    From $47.50 per hour/person and up. (Green fees may be extra).

    Stockton California golf lessons

    Stockton Testimonials

    Rob had a very structured and unique way of teaching golf. Rob didn’t do what most instructors do, and he offered more to me than most instructors. Not only did he offer the hour of instruction or whatever I needed here and there, but he offered his time in many other ways. And also during his lessons he would explain things to me that didn’t only work for playing, but it worked for most things in general, if you apply them in different ways.

    ”Golf Teachers has given me more than I expected, because I expected somebody to say “Okay here, do this, do that, go home, and come back next week,” but the follow up that he has given, and the effort of sending me the lessons, and the encouragement… He’s very subtle about it but he’s so positive, so he has surpassed my expectations.”
    – Mary from Stockton, CA

    Stockton California golf lessons

    Stockton, CA Golf Lessons – Boot Camp

    For those who want to take their golf discipline to the next level in the shortest period of time- our Boot Camp session provides golf lessons that dramatically increase the student’s overall ability to perform quickly. The Golf Lessons Boot Camp session are back-to-back days designed with your schedule in mind. Please call us for more information

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